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Laser Marking is the process of marking or labeling a material with a laser beam. The heat of the laser beam interacts or burns the surface of the material, causing discoloration on the contacted area which serves as the mark on the surface.

Laser marking is often confused with laser etching and laser engraving. The difference between laser marking, laser etching and laser engraving is that in laser marking, the surface of the contacted area is not physically lessened. In laser engraving, the laser beam physically removes the surface of the material to expose a cavity that reveals an image at eye level. Laser etching, on the other hand, is a subset of laser engraving wherein its depth of engraving is shallower than that of laser engraving.

We offer fiber laser marking services which is capable of marking almost all kinds of metals and also some non-metals which include rubber, PVC, ceramic, leather and carbon fiber. Wood, acrylic and glass are not applicable for fiber laser marking.

Stainless Steel (Any Finish)
Mild Steel
Galvanized Steel
Aluminum Composite