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Shear Cutting or Shearing is a metal fabricating process used to cut straight lines on flat metal sheet using cutting blades with the application of shear force. For metal cutting of simple patterns, shearing is a fast, easy and cheap option.

Since shearing cuts without forming chips or burning/melting the material, the process works well with most soft and thin metals. It is less ideal with hard or thick metals as it can cause fractures in the material, as well as significant wear on the cutting tool.

The biggest advantage of shearing is that it produces minimal or no kerf, with virtually no loss of material. However, shearing cannot be considered burr-free since the force of the shearing action often creates burrs and end deformation. As a result, it may not be the best choice for applications where a clean end finish is required.

We offer shearing services for Stainless Steel sheet of up to 8mm thick and Aluminum sheet of up to 10mm thick. The maximum length of material that can be sheared is 20 feet. Other materials such as Copper, Brass, Mild Steel & etc. are also accepted.

Material Thickness
Stainless Steel 8.0mm Max
Aluminum 10.0mm Max
Mild Steel /Galvanized 9.0mm Max
Copper & Brass 9.0mm Max